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The Divine Providence by Barney Welch

The Divine Providence by Barney Welch


What is Divine Providence? 

Divine Providence is total trust in God. As Christ said, “Ask and you shall receive”. That makes life real simple.

If you want something, ask for it. If you don’t get it, it was never meant to be. If you don’t believe what Christ said, then as far as God is concerned, you might as well forget it. It would be very simple to write a book on what Christ said, but if you don’t trust: ”Ask and you shall receive”, then it would be hard to believe anything else that He told us.

This is how “The Barn” is run. Those of us who practice it can see how simple it is. Those that don’t will probably never understand.


Barney Welch

Barney Welch Barn for the poorest of the poor




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Prayer to Divine Providence

Prayer to Divine Providence

Jesus Christ The Divine Providence Prayer

O Sweet and Tender Providence of God, into Thy hands I commend my spirit, to Thee I abandon myself, my hopes, my fears, my desires, my repugnances, my temporal and eternal prospects. To Thee I commit the wants of my Jesus Christ Providence Prayerperishable body, to Thee I commit the far more precious interests of my immortal soul, for whose interests I have nothing to fear while I withdraw it not from Thy bosom. Though my faults are many, my misery great, my spiritual poverty extreme, my hope in Thee surpasses all. It is greater than my difficulties, stronger than death. Though temptations should assail me, I will hope in Thee, though I should sink beneath my weakness, I will hope in Thee still, though I should break my resolutions a thousand times, I will look to Thee confidently for grace to keep them at last; though Thou shouldst slay me, even then will I trust Thee, for Thou art my God, my Father and my Friend. Thou art my kind, my tender, my indulgent Parent, and I am Thy loving Child, who cast myself into Thy Arms and beg Thy blessing, who put my trust in Thee, and so trusting, shall never be confounded.

Providence did provide. Providence can provide. Providence will provide. O loving Providence of God we commit this cause to Thee.

——From the Precious Blood and Mother Prayer book

Devout Acts to be Made Every Day

I adore Thee, my God, Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three Persons and one only God!

I humble myself in the abyss of my nothingness to the will of Thine infinite majesty.

I firmly believe all that Thou hast deigned to make known to me by means of the Holy Scripture and Thy holy Church, because Thou has said so; and I am ready to give my life a thousand times for this faith.

I place all my hope in Thee. Whatever good I may have, whether spiritual or temporal, either in this life or in the next, I hope for from Thee, through the merits of Jesus Christ, O God, my life and my only hope!

I love Thee, Infinite Goodness, with all the affection of my heart and of my soul, because Thou dost merit all my love. I wish I knew how to love Thee as the Angels, the Saints, and just men love thee. I unite my imperfect love to that which all the Saints, Most Holy Mary, and Jesus Christ, bear to Thee.

My God, because Thou art the supreme good, infinitely worthy of being loved and served, I am sorry and repent of all my sins, detesting them as much as possible above every other evil. I resolve for the future rather to die than to consent to anything that may give Thee the slightest displeasure.

I offer Thee now and forever my body, my soul, and all my senses and faculties, my memory, my understanding, and my will. Do with me, Lord, and with all that belongs to me, what Thou pleasest. Give me Thy love and final perseverance, and grant that in all temptations I may always have recourse to Thee.

I resolve to employ myself entirely in those things which are pleasing to Thee, being ready to suffer any pain and labor in order to please Thee, saying always, Lord, may Thy will be done!

I desire that all should serve and love Thee. I would gladly spend my time in persuading all mankind to love and honor Thy Majesty.

I offer to Thy Majesty all the works I shall ever do, steeping them in the blood of Jesus, my Redeemer.

I intend to gain all the indulgences that I can in my actions this day, and to apply them by way of suffrage to the Souls in Purgatory.

I recommend to Thee all the Souls in Purgatory, as also all sinners; enlighten and strengthen these unhappy creatures, that they may know and love Thee.

I rejoice exceedingly that Thy happiness is infinite, and will never have an end.

I thank Thee for all the graces and benefits that Thou hast bestowed upon all mankind, but especially upon me, who have been more ungrateful than others.

My beloved Jesus, I take refuge within Thy sacred Wounds: do Thou there defend me this day, and forever, from all temptations, till Thou shalt grant me to see Thee and love thee eternally in Paradise. Amen.

This is my hope, and so may it be.

——- St. Alphonsus Liguori, Prayer, the Great Means of Salvation

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